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The Story of 'Money Won't Change You'


The Clash

Steve Harrell recalls:

"I bought a 45 of 'Money Won't Change You' when I lived in Macon around 1968. One great thing about Macon in the 60s was you could hear a lot of R&B and blues on the local black radio stations. The song stuck in the back of my mind over the years.

I think I talked it over with Dee about doing a cover then brought a tape of it (and lyrics) down to rehearsal. I remember playing Maceo Parker's solo note for note in the beginning of my rendition.

This was the first song we played at the Clash gig, kind of an of- the-wall choice for opening a show like that. I wonder if anyone else at the show knew the song as a James Brown song."

The audio was digitally captured from a cassette tape that recorded the show off the sound board at the Coliseum, August 20, 1982.

Dee Rail

Tim Halle

Money Won't Change You

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007 Boston Dub7 007 Boston Dub7 007 Boston Dub7 007 Boston Dub7 007 Boston Dub7
007 Boston Dub7 007 Boston Dub7 007 Boston Dub7

Genre: Soul Punk

from "007 Live In Boston And South Yarmouth: 1980, 1981, 1982." Track released 06 January 2013
Vocals: Dee Rail (Derryle Johnson)
Guitar: Steve Harrell
Drums: Garry Miles
Bass: Lawrence LaFerla
Percussion: Rick Sorel

Audio restoration (2012) by Tim Halle
Archive Dub7 Promotional Campaign 2013 by Lawrence LaFerla
Words and Music by James Brown and Nat Jones
Digital download and streaming by permission
Unichappell Music, Inc./Dynatone Publishing Company